Property of 10 ha

The Fazenda Alambique is virgin forest, largely Dende palm trees, located on the Bay of All Saints ( the estuary of the Rio Urna) and the road to Gamboa. It is a privileged and one of a kind piece of land. 40,000m2 is directly on the beach, 60,000m2 is up to 100 meters from the water, near the road offering spectacular views of the bay and spectacular sunsets. All property has beach access, good ventilation and clean natural drinking water. This large piece of property is the only one existing on this side of the island and would be ideal for constructing.

A Eco Resort or Spa. It is approximately 20 minutes walk from from Morro and Gamboa and a few minutes boat ride. It combines the quiet of nature and sense of getting away from it all with relatively easy access to the towns.


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