The hole property consists largely of Virgin Palm and other Forest (Dendé, Piaçaba Palms). It is located between the ocean (Bay of All Saints) and the road to Gamboa.

The property consists largely of virgin palm forest. It is located between the ocean and the road to Gamboa. 

The Fazenda Alambique is in the area which is called the Zone of Visual Protection (ZPV).
In this area it is possible, to build on 30% of the land in the case of a single family property, and 20% in the case of a tourist enterprise. The minimal size of a single family property is 1,000 m², and of a tourist enterprise 5,000 m². The houses can have not more than two floors. We have the information about this area given by the state department of environment on April 24, 2008.

    Property of 2,000-4,000 m2

     Property of 3 ha

     Property of 10 ha

Available documents of the property:

- Contrato de Compra e Venda
    Valença, Bahia October 20th, 1989

- Certidão de Patrimônio da União
    Salvador, Bahia February 7th, 1994

- Escritura Pública
    Taperoá, Bahia November 27th, 2008

- Orientação Prévia da Secretaria do Meio Ambiente - SEMA
    Salvador, April 24th, 2009